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描述人物的句子英语 共92句

1. 动词表达法:借助表示出行方式的动词短语来表达。(皇后表达法)

2. 英语作文中介绍人物的姓名、描述人物出身的词汇 1)她于1990年11月7日出生于广东湛江。

3. When she smiled, she showed her white even teeth.

4. A friendly smile will help you to win others heart. 友好的笑容能帮助你赢得别人的心。

5. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. 她有一双我从未见过的漂亮蓝眼睛。

6. 含有情态动词的句子如何变一般疑问句:情态提句首

7. How’s it going?   见面打招呼用语, 意思是“近来怎样?”

8. The rugged face of the old sailor老水手满是皱纹的脸上(百度)

9. She is shorter than I am and is very small.She has straight, shoulder-lenghth hair. Everyone thinks she is pretty.她比我矮并且很小巧。

10. She was red with anger.

11. She is charming when she smiles. 她笑起来的时候很可爱。

12. 我喜欢参加英语演讲,从中我可以学到很多关于英美文化的知识。

13. There is always a smile of contentment on her face. 她脸上总是挂着心满意足的微笑。

14. 介词表达法:借助表示出行方式的介词短语来表达。(奴才表达法)

15. When he laughs, we see his even teeth.

16. 外语说得好让我有了更多的机会去和校园里的留学生们进行沟通和交流。

17. He was born a hooked nose. 他天生是鹰钩鼻

18. Because of her fair skin and kindness, we all like her very much.

19. 我是王珊,一名十六岁的女孩子,就读于北京红星中学。

20. 选择疑问句是怎么变来的?

21. He was born a hooked nose.

22. 选择疑问句怎么回答?   方法: 从 or 前后的选项中,选择一个作答。

23. 含有情态动词的句子如何变否定句? 情态+not

24. 不可数名词在表达时,可以 借助容器。 如 a bottle of water;  3 bottles of water.

25. 介绍兵坛名将(邓亚萍)Deng Yaping, 28, from Henan Province. And I hope that I can go to visit him soon. I am the apple of his eye, but when it comes to my study he is very strict。

26. 令我高兴的是我在英语演讲比赛中获得了一等奖。

27. how :怎么,怎样。 功能:对方式提问

28. Her hair is brown and curly.她有着一头棕色而卷曲的头发。

29. 可数名词、不可数名词

30. 点餐常考句型:

31. He has two Wrinkled hands他有双满是皱纹的手

32. Her hair is brown and curly. 她有着一头棕色而卷曲的头发。

33. He wears black hat and black jacket and dark blue cotton他带着黑布小帽,黑布大马褂,深青色布棉袍 (《背影》朱自清)

34. she was young,with a fair,calm face that showed a certain strength.

35. He is a fine young man, ahout 25 years old, tall and well-built,with a kind face and a nice smile.他是一个可爱的年轻人,大约25岁,身材高大健壮,憨厚的脸上带着善意的微笑。

36. Her sense of humour could brighten you entire day and her wise words were always exactly what you needed to hear.她的幽默感总是可以使你整天都感到非常开心,而她智慧的话语更是能道破天机。

37. 他参加了我们学校举办的英语演讲比赛并且获得了第一名。

38. how far多远。功能:对距离提问

39. 作为一名高三学生,学习和锻炼组成了我生活的全部。

40. She was not only admired but also genuinely respected by members of both sexes. 无论男人或是女人,不仅羡慕她,而且打心里尊重她。

41. 询问外貌: What do/does sb. look like? 如:What does your father look like?  /  What do you look like?

42. but she wears short skirts ,I wear T-shirts ,she is cheer captain and I am on the bleachers

43. He looks casual just wearing a tweed suit. 他穿了一件花格子衬衫,看上去很随便。

44. 频率副词:表示:一个动作发生的频率。用在be后动前。

45. When he laughs, we see his even teeth. 当他笑的时候,我们看见他有一口整齐的牙齿。

46. 我的努力没有白费,我为自己所取得的进步感到骄傲。

47. 特殊疑问句

48. 疑问词why:

49. she saw the ashen face of one of the officers.她马上看到一个脸上毫无血色的脸(原创)

50. 回答外貌

51. The news depresses her.

52. She has a double chin. 她有双下巴。

53. Her face brightened up. 她喜形于色。

54. 疑问词where: 地点

55. She has a very pleasant smile and she always has a twinkle in her eye.

56. she has long brown curly hair wih be riotous with colour glasses.她带着五颜六色的眼镜还有长棕色卷发(原创)

57. She eats too much these days , so her face is getting round .

58. 制定规则

59. 作为一名高三学生,我一直在努力学习并且得到一个好成绩。

60. a forgetful old man一个健忘的老人 (同学概念本上)

61. she id a girl with long straight hair 她是留着长长直发的女孩

62. 米rice、面bread、肉meat(mutton、beef…)、液(juice, water…)不可数

63. She is a slim girl, while her boyfriend is well-built. 她很苗条,她的男朋友很魁梧。

64. how long多长时间,多久。  功能:对一段时间 提问

65. She belongs to those who are very difficult to satisfy.

66. He had a brown skin, black hair, bright eyes and strong white teeth.他生着褐色皮肤、黑头发、明亮的眼睛和坚固的白牙齿。

67. 问答天气

68. 问答外貌

69. He was in a rage.

70. 点钟表达法

71. Everyone looked at her in astonishment.

72. The girls had blond curls. 小姑娘长着金色卷发。

73. She is charming when she smiles. 她笑起来的时候很有魅力。

74. and & or 用法

75. 疑问词 what

76. She really cared about other people and was an extremely talented listener. 她总是很关心身边的人,并且擅长倾听。

77. 特殊疑问词 how 用法总结:通常翻译为:怎么,怎样。

78. 肯定句:

79. 介绍妈妈的XX My mother has a pair of keen eyes which can speak. With her eyes,she observed my mood, gave me courage and made me strong. Therefore, I could face difficulties. When I was a baby learning to walk, my mother always lent me a hand and encouraged me to get up while I fell d...

80. 相近句型区别:

81. some & any

82. 他一直努力学习各个科目,为我们树立了榜样。

83. what time和when区别:

84. 含有情态动词的句子如何变特殊疑问句:He can play the guitar. (对下划线部分进行提问)

85. She had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

86. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had never seen.

87. She always dress very elegant and tidy.

88. would & would like

89. He wears small,round glasses and they make him look smart.他戴着一副又小又圆的眼镜并且它们使他看起来很神气。

90. He jumped for fun.

91. 一般疑问句:

92. 问路




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