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一般现在时的句子 第一篇

1、We have six classes every day. 我们每天上六节课。

2、When you weren't thinking about it suddenly the answer has come to you, as a gift from thegods. 然而,忽然之间灵光一闪,当你没在思考这一问题时,答案如同天赐神助一般,突然出现在你的脑子里。 。

3、Baishui is femous for apples.白水因为苹果而出名.

4、I'll buy Dad a birthday cake. 我将给父亲买一个生日蛋糕。

5、Baishui is femous for apples.白水因为苹果而出名。

6、Do you play the guitar?你弹吉他吗?

7、He gets up at six o’clock.

8、They were all concerning about the past tense and the present perfect. 那些练习题都是跟一般过去时和现在完成时有关的。

9、My hair is black.我的头发是黑色的。

10、The case of Historic Present is the presentation of present-connectiveness. 英语历史现在时是一般现在时现联性的体现。

11、Whatever you think is fine with me. 随你怎么想,我


13、When you weren't thinking about it suddenly the answer has come to you, as a gift from the gods. 当你没在思考这一问题时,答案如同天赐神助一般,突然出现在 你的脑子里。

14、What is the matter with you ?你怎么了?

15、A modern mirror is usually a looking glass. 现代的镜子一般是玻璃镜。

16、Mind the form of the verb there: it is present tense intentionally. 注意一下这里动词的形式:我故意用了一般现在时。


18、I have lunch every day.  我每天吃午餐。

19、Now I put the sugar in the cup.

20、Danny studiesEnglish,Chinese,Maths,Science and Art an school.

21、I do my homework every day.  我每天做作业。

22、You should believe in youself.你应该相信你自己.

23、Sally likes playing with her little brother. Sally喜欢和她的小弟弟玩.

24、Do you often play football after school?

25、We have visited her three times. 请给分吧,很辛苦的啊

26、Timeand tide wait for no man.时间不等人

27、I always play computer games on weekend.我经常在周末玩电脑游戏.

28、That red shirt is very nice.那个红色的衬衫很漂亮.

29、一般现在时常和表示时间的频度副词连用。如:often, usually, sometimes, always, never等。

30、I don't have enough money.我没有足够的钱。

31、I am a student.我是一个学生。

32、Ilove classical music我喜欢古典音乐

33、She is living in a hotel . 一般现在时

34、There are many countries in the world,世界上有很多国家。

35、I've asked Mum to take care of Junior for us. 我请了妈妈来照顾我们的儿子。

一般现在时的句子 第二篇

1、Short verbs ending in a vowel + a consonant run –running swim—swimming 一般现在时。

2、The coat matches the dress.外衣和裙子很相配


4、The earth moves around the sun.

5、I have no doubt about that. You can always do whatever you want. 我对此毫不怀疑,你想做的事,总是能做到。

6、She has no brother.他没有兄弟。

7、He needs our help.他需要我们的帮助.

8、You should smile all the time.你应该一直微笑。

9、We can see some pictures on the wall. 我们能看到墙上的画。

10、How do you get along with your classmates? 一般现在时

11、They want good jobs .他们想要好工作

12、I”ll write you as soon as I get there. 我一到那儿就给你来信。(一般现在时)


14、Does Mike read English every day?

15、He likes gling to movies with me     他喜欢和我一起看电影

16、There are five cats.那里有五只猫.

17、I like you, I hope you can accept me 这里用一般现在时来表示

18、一般现在时也常和以下时间表达法连用。如:in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at noon, at night, every day, on Sunday(s), at seven 等。

19、I don't think you are right. 我认为你不对.


21、这是一般现在时 sing→singing 这个妇女在我身后唱歌 This woman is singing behind me. (this 可以替换成the。

一般现在时的句子 第三篇

1、My parents give ten yuan to my sister every week. Lucy is at home now. 露茜现在在家。

2、What day is it today? 今天星期几?

3、She has no brother.他没有兄弟.

4、D. Two years has passed since he joined the League. 一般现在时与现在进行时的转换

5、I am vrey clever.我非常聪明.

6、一般现在时 I leave home for school at

7、Do you brush your teeth every morning.

8、Her Dad can perform very well.        她的爸爸能表演的很好

9、Jack likes Chinese food very much. 杰克很喜欢中国饮食.


11、And disappeared when the mountain is, like the fog around the cloud cover in general, in the blue-colored horizon. 时隐时现的山岭,象云遮雾绕一般,在湛蓝色的天边。


13、I have a very beautiful hat.我有一顶非常漂亮的帽子.

14、You should smile all the time.你应该一直微笑.

15、I don't have enough money.我没有足够的钱.

16、Helen tries her best to study. Helen尽她最大的努力去学习.

17、Here we should use the Present Tense. 这里我们用到了一般现在时。

18、Kazim found that the girls weren't as competitive, and their style of play wasn't as fast paced or aggressive as that of the boys. 发现,在打球的时候,女孩子一般竞争力较弱,她们的风格也不像男孩子那样迅猛而难以招架。

19、Whatever you think is fine with me. 随你怎么想,我无所谓。



22、Well, the general equations, now, which deal in gravity... 现在一般性方程引入,到了重力的例子里。

23、We can see some pictures on the wall. 我们能看到墙上的画.

24、In China, the flower for mother is day lily(萱草花), also known as Nepenthe(忘忧草)。

25、That red shirt is very nice.那个红色的衬衫很漂亮。

26、He gets up early every morning。 一般现在时

27、Beijing is a beautiful city.北京是一个美丽的城市.

28、For your current job , write accomplishments in past tense and job responsibilities in present tense . 对于现在的工作,取得的成绩应该使用一般过去时,而工作职责则应使用一般现在时。

29、Shanghai lies in the east of China.上海坐落于中国的东部。

一般现在时的句子 第四篇

1、This workdoes not satisfy me .这项工作我不满意

2、There are many countries in the world,世界上有很多国家.

3、在以字母s, x,ch,sh,o结尾的动词后加-es

4、What does he usually doafter school?

5、I am a student.我是一个学生.

6、I don't want so much.

7、Lucy is at home now. 露茜现在在家.

8、On average, children at present are much taller than those fifty years ago. 一般来说,现在的孩子比xx年前的孩子个子高多了。


10、I don't care what she thinks. 我不管她怎么想。

11、Dear child within each sere dead form There sleeps a living flower And angel-like it shall arise In spring's returning hour. 亲爱的孩子,在每一个干枯的死亡形式有睡活花,和天使般的应在春季返回小时出现。

12、My teachers are great.我的老师很好.

13、The sunrises in the east and sets in the west.太阳从东方升起在西方落下

14、The Philadelphia chromosome (universally present in CML) is lacking in patients with leukemoid reactions. 费城染色体(一般出现在CML)在白血病样反应中一般不出现。

15、Because when things get tough, half way up that mountain, who is holding the other side of the rope? 因为困难出现时,登山登到一般时,谁在握着绳索的另一头?


17、you had better get going or you will be late for school. 你最好快一点,不然上学要迟到了。

18、He lives in Shanghai.他住在上海.

19、He promises me he will go back home early. 一般现在时

20、I am vrey clever.我非常聪明。

21、rustle of girl, a fragrant, snapping shadow gone as the door slammed shut.现在她开门走出,只见她像影子一般,散发着香气,一闪而过,少女的衣装沙沙作响,待到门关上时她已不见了。

22、His mom is a performer                   他的妈妈是个演员

23、Also, current singular versus plural with nouns and verbs. 然后是名词和一般现在时动词的单复数。

24、如果是一般现在时, The kids have a picnic.

25、Mike sometimes goes to the park with his sister.

26、Our reply: So how much time do you typically spend on projects now? 我们的回答是:那么您们现在一般在项目上花多少时间?

27、Jack likes Chinese food very much. 杰克很喜欢中国饮食。

28、Sally likes playing with her little brother. Sally喜欢和她的小弟弟玩。

29、I have a Chinese friends.我有一个中国朋友.

30、May want to say every time when evil has become the language of only one sentence … 可每当想说时千般言语只化成了一句话…

31、What eles do you want to buy?你还想买什么?

32、In the existing literature, it is generally assumed that connectives indicate the grammatical connections and logico-semantic relations between clauses. 现有文献一般认为,连接性词语在语法上起连接作用,在语义上体现小句之间的逻辑-语义关系。

33、That girl in red is my sister.那个穿着红色衣服的女孩是我妹妹.

34、Now I have muscles of steel and could easily deal with giving birth. 现在我拥有钢铁一般的肌肉,连生孩子都会毫不费力。

35、I have a very beautiful hat.我有一顶非常漂亮的帽子。

36、you had better eat more fruit and vegetables. 你最好多吃些水果和蔬菜。

37、At eight at night,she watchesTV with his parents.

38、We often play in the playgound.

39、This cloth feels soft.这布摸上去很软

一般现在时的句子 第五篇

1、Sound travels faster through water than it does through air.声音在水中的传播速度比在空气中快

2、You should believe in youself.你应该相信你自己。

3、you had better not be just playing with her feelings. 你最好不要只是玩弄她的感情。

4、My teachers are great.我的老师很好。

5、My hair is black.我的头发是黑色的.

6、Ann Wang writes good English but does not speak well.

7、I have many books.

8、I have a Chinese friends.我有一个中国朋友。

9、He always takes a walk after supper.晚饭后他总是散散步

10、His sister is quite quiet.他的妹妹非常内向.

11、He likes animals.他喜欢小动物。

12、No, she works very hard. She always reads books after school. 切记:单三形式+always时,后面的动词同样是要有变化的.跟一般现在时中的变化一样.

13、He watches TV every day.  他每天看电视。

14、一般现在时 I sometimes go to work on foot.我有时步行去上班。

15、We use the negative form of the SIMPLE PRESENT to talk about 我们用一般现在时的否定形式来讨论

16、She wants to go to a move too        她也想去看电影

17、I totally have no idea about that. 我完全不清楚那是怎么回事。

18、I like to go to a movie tonight         今天晚上我想去看电影

19、His sister is quite quiet.他的妹妹非常内向。

20、一般现在时表示现在的状态 ;表示经常性或习惯性的动作;表示主语具备的性格和能力;表示客观事实或普遍真理等。

21、what does he usually do 。 .因为有usually,所以一般现在时;

22、We have six classes every day. 我们每天上六节课.

23、Breakfast at 8 in general, lunch generally in 12-14, dinner at around 18 commonly. 早餐一般在8时左右,午餐一般在12时-14时,晚餐一般在18时左右。

24、My friend likes to do the same things as I do.我的朋友喜欢和我做一样的事.




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