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1. an interesting tingI think the most interesting thing in my family is my father bought it for me 3 years it became one of my close can teach me to learn English,maths,chinese and so can surf the Internet through I am tired of learning, I can also play some interesting games with my friends through the hope when I grow up,I can learn more and more knowledge about the computer and become a good computer engineer in the EnglishEnglish is one of the most improtant subjects in Middle school Some students are not good at English because they think that it is hard to study . But I do not think so. Because I think that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to do it . At first ,I interest in English and listen to teacher carefully .Every day ,I finish my homework on time .If I meet problems I will ask the teacher for help . I always listen to teacher carefully and speak it bravely .Then I can get something new . I usually read books in English and do some exercises .I keep write diary ,too. Although I am not good at English ,I like it very much .No matter how hard it is ,I will never give up learning English. 3. The new term is coming new term is coming! i should go to school for my study. in the last term , i made little effort on my study ,so my grades are not very good . during the holiday , i thought over it . in the end i made up my mind. in the new term , i will try my best to get a high mark. the following is my plan. every morning i will read aloud english at least 30 minutes ,and try to recite a 100- word paragraph. then i will work hard in class. try to be active to answer as many questions as i can . then after class in my spare time , i will read more books about different topics to enlarge my i hope i get a very good mark to let my parents be proud of me . and if i fail because of my lack effort, it's my should be ashamed of myself. i do believe there is a will ,there is a way. so i 'm sure ,i can do everything if i try hard enough.。


Wang Nan is a female Chinese table tennis player from Liaoning. Wang remained as world on the ITTF ranking system from 1999 to 2001. She is left-handed, and began playing table tennis when she was seven years old. Her particular skills are changing the placement of the ball during rallies and her loop drive, as well as her notable speed. Wang has been the leader of the Chinese women's table-tennis team of China after Deng Yaping's retirement. There are many powerful players in Chinese national table tennis team. As an old player, Wang have to be harder than other younger players. She is really a great player.


have a best friend.

She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very is hard-working.

She favorite season is summer,because it’s hot ,she can eat ice- like playing the piano ,reading books and singing songs.

Who’s she? She is my best friend ---Sun has a very good English name,too---.


Good morning everyone,my name is __,and my english name is __. Iam 21 years old and iam from (qingdao/__) . I have very happy family, they were my mother,my father and i. my father is soldier and my mother is doctor .i love them verymuch,we leave very luckly everyday!

I have some interests, four e_ample: play piano singsong ang have lend so much from them.

when i was young, i haved a dream, i was dreaming flying in the sky, so ,i long to work in the plain. then, iam here,i weash you would take me, because iam looking four would, to working four(china easten airlines),nice meeting you again. thank you !


- Wang Hao (born December 15, 1983 in Changchun) is a Chinese table tennis player. He won the silver medal in men's singles at the 2004 Summer Olympics Games. He lost to Korean penhold player Ryu Seung Min. He is now the world's highest ranked uses a Chinese penhold grip. He is a pioneer in the penhold grip with his revolutionary reverse backhand move, the first on the Chinese national team to be exclusively trained in its use . He frequently uses this technique to "loop drive" the ball over the when receiving serves, or simply as a counter driving technique in a rally. He uses the DHS Dipper as his primary blade (Hurricane Hao as secondary) with Skyline 3 for the forehand rubber, and Sriver sheet on Bryce sponge for his backhand and is probably the current most popular player in the wish Wang Hao can be suessful at last


HI,my name is ___, I 19 years old this year, I'm from _, I love of reading and the Internet, I am a outgoing person, like making friends. In this university, I will actively participate in various activities to enrich my university life, I will also constantly e_ercise oneself, let oneself become more mature.


From a middle class family, I was born in Hsin Ying, Tainan on October 10th, 1965. My father is a civil official at Tainan City Government. My mother is a house wife good at cooking. Although I am the only child of my parents, I am by no mans a spoiled one. On the contrary, I have been e_pected to be a successful man with advanced education. I study hard at school. Besides te_ts knowledge, journalism is my favorite; whenever reading, my heart is filled with great joy and interesting.“Being good is must; successful, however, is plus.” Father adopts the idea of his father. Especially in military service, I realized it more precisely. People said: Military service makes a boy to man, I agree realized the importance of English and began to study diligently when I was eighteen. I did not start in my early age, but I hope that I could pass the test of General English Proficiency Test. And this is my best wish at the moment.


Last week Saturday,daddy has gone to work,mother also went to the bookstore to buy the book,kept me at discovered an extracurricular book to read reading in the enthusiasm,hears suddenly “thump” knocks on a door the am scared:Who can be?I remembered beforehand mother to say to me:“the stranger knocks on a door cannot open the door casually.”Therefore I treat the wrong side of the door to ask loudly:“who looks for?”Only hears the wrong side of the door the human replies:“I look for .”Originally knocks the wrong gate!I replied loudly in the room:“found fault the gate, in building.”The wrong side of the door person said the sound “sorry”, also read two stories,then I discovered the toy to have played entirely the toy box in toy,mother has not come toy played has sufficed,I turned on the television to television's program has been too splendid,I looked looking at steadily,when does mother open the door went home not to is the my first time alone in home's experience.


Notre-dame is a Romanesque church located in the center of Paris. Construction of the church began in 1163 during the reign of Louis Ⅶ and completed roughly 180 years later in about 1345.

It is famous not only for Victor Hugo's famous novel but also for its gothic architechture which was considered to be the sign of European architecture. It has very distinctive architecture style and had been called "the symphony of stone". There are 3 doorways called the kings gallery on which 28 portraits of the king in Jew and Israel were hanging. There is handly and decoration inside the church. The main hall that had held a lot of important ceremonies can hold nearly 9000 persons.


Hello, everyone, please allow me to introduce myself with a minute let you know me, know me and accept me. I come from Shandong, ___, 20-year-old, my hometown Qilu earth gave me a straightforward character, and yet steady, and later the city of Nanjing travel long distances to school.

As one saying goes: "Ten years out of sharpening sharp, sword-jun to knowledge only pending." Zaikuzailei, I am willing to try, "eat life of hardship, Fang Wei Ren E_alted", in later school life, I will definitely be one to make their own efforts, but had a substantial significance of post-secondary life. Student life in the future please give more concern, a simple self-introduction is completed, thank you!


Good morning!

On behalf of our travel agency to you a warm welcome! Welcome to the beautiful city of The Mountain Tai, the State Tourism and Cultural City of the Tai’an!

This is Mr., our driver, who has many years of driving experience, so you may rest assured but sitting well in his car. My Chinese name is xx, you can call me Miss x. I come from The Unit Holiday Travel Agency. Then the next time, I come to you on service, so my job is to smooth your way, care for your welfare, try my best to answer your question, and be your guide.

My telephone number is xxxxxxxx, if you have any special interesting, please tell your tour leader or me, we will try our best to make your stay in Tai’an a pleasant one. We highly appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

Ok. Next time I must tell you that: the Mountain Tai is tall and steep, very steep in some places. So you must pay special attention to safety, to do “walk not viewing, viewing not walk”, especially advantageous location, but also to “simply walk down, not looking up view”.

Ok! Now, I want to chat about the Mountain Tai with you. The mountain Tai is located in the central of ShanDong Province, East of The Yellow Sea, West of The Yellow River. The mountain Tai, ancient DongYue, also know as DaiZong、DaiShan. Since ancient time, also know as“the Five Sacred Mountains Domination”. It formed 27 to 28 billon years ago, the total area of 426 square kilometers, 1545 meters sea level Peak Yuhuang Ding. With the surrounding low mountains and hills, its relative height over thirteen hundred meters, which is giving a pull to sky momentum. Based on the large and concentrated, giving a “rock solid” “heavy as Mountain Tai” natural feeling, so people warm to praise her.

For the climate, fertile land, they become a thriving ancient human heart and the birthplace of ancient culture. For thousands of years, they have been The East’s political, economic and cultural center.

According to legend, in ancient times, 72 emperors had come here to worship Heaven and Earth. Many writers also left inscriptions and steles here, and it gains the reputation as “a Natural Museum of a Art”

In China, many emperors including the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang, the Emperor WuDi of Han Dynasty, Emperor XuanZong of Tang Dynasty, and Emperor KangXi、QianLong of Qing Dynasty and so on, held grand sacrificial ceremonies on its summit. It’s so-called “fengshan”. the “feng”, is built the round alter at the very top of the mountain to Heaven; the “shan”, is built the square alter under the mountains to Earth. If generation Emperor can high offer sacrifices to heaven and earth on the Mountain Tai, they will be to the world as peace and harmony symbol of peace and prosperity, the emperor himself seems to have become “the son of the Heaven”.

Therefore, the image of emperors became the spokesman for TaiShan, and left a lot of cultural relics in the number of mountains of the Mountain Domination Position.

was also named the world cultural and heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization( UNESCO) in December 1987, with the ancient building complex comprising its main contents. In 2006, the ancient buildings on Mt. Tai successfully entered the list of the Sixth Batch of National Key Protection Units of Historical Relics approved by the State Council, China’s cabinet. The ancient buildings were constructed along a nine-kilometer winding path. The important parts of the buildings are the Guandi Temple, Queen Mother’s Pool, Red Gate Palace, South Heaven Gate, Three Officers Temple, and Temple of Universal Illumination.

Emperors over the course of two thousand years came to worship on Mountain Taishan. The Temple to the God of Mt. Taishan(daimiao), at the base of Mount Taishan and the Azure Cloud Temple(bixiaci) at its peak are the two best-known sites. The Azure Cloud Temple is the best-preserved ancient structure on Mountain Tai. The well-preserved state of the ancient building complex is attributed to the scientific and systematic protection and management by related authorities.




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