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Nowadays,the overwhelming influence of advertisements on media has made too many controversial social issues.Some people argue that advertisements make the audience have the similar look by driving them to buy products of the same brand.Personally,I fundamentally agree with this assertion,and my reasons will be explored as below.

Admittedly,the literal intention of advertisements is to sharpen the concept of individualism.For the purpose of distinguishing brand names,slogans and testimonials in advertisement are always full of very personalized words,including "new","innovation","uniqueness","revolution","the best","the only","the first".It is clear that core values of these words bring people a motivation to change,and a desire to try something distinctive.Consequently,the gap between people can be broadened,because any individual is stimulated by advertisements to express their personalities by buy different items,instead of following common tastes.

However,when considering practical effects of advertisements on the society,I strongly believe they play a role of depersonalizing the audience,and the first reason is that commercials are the key tool for big companies to monopolize the market.One hand,many big companies invest billions of dollars annually in making fascinating and prepossessing advertisements to attract the public,which consistently maintains the loyalty of patrons,and cultivate good impressions of potential customers on their brands.On the other hand,small companies have too limited financial ability to afford these costly publicity campaigns,so that their names and influences continue to fade and lose consumer groups.That is to say,advertisements,an expensive privilege only for rich and big companies,help these companies exclusively occupy the market,as well as reducing the diversity of brands.In this situation,people definitely look the same,because they have no other options but buy the same—brand food,clothes and devices produced by a dominating company.

Another reason supporting this assertion lies on the fact that exposure to advertisements standardizes thoughts and tastes among audiences,especially in terms of their appearance.A typical example comes from fashion,cosmetic and shampoo commercials which highlight the close—up of images of certain model or celebrity.This is a strong brainwash by implying that images of these actors are common standards of human beauty,and then triggering massive public imitation shows round by round.In too many cases,large groups of hypnotized people,regardless of ages,careers and races,blindly follow and chase so—called iconic figures in an advertisement,mainly through buying and using the same lipstick and perfume,wearing same clothes,watch,ornaments and bag,even copying the same hair style.

In conclusion,I believe the main social influence of advertisements is to make people have the similar images apparently.Although slogans of advertisements tend to individualize the audience,the truth is that advertisements not only let big companies rule the market solely,but also manipulate the public’s minds to buy the same things.


my name is liming. i am studying at college. a week ago i saw a traffic accident , which is still vivid in my mind.

it was at about 9:00 on saturday morning, june 15th, when i went out of the university to visit a friend of mine at another university. i was walking leisurely on the sidewalk when i heard a loud crash of two vehicles just at the t-junction about 10 meters away. two taxis crashed together. it was a traffic accident.

i went up and found that the two taxis were badly damaged. both hoofs were out of shape. one door of a car was knocked off and lying on the road. one driver was blooding and another was shut in the taxi. some people were trying to help the driver get out of the damaged car. one man was calling to the traffic policeman station. a lot of cars were jammed on the road.

from the stopping track on the road, it is clear that the two taxis were driving too fast. but it is just one of the reasons. in my opinion, the taxi drivers are eager to take more passengers and make a little more money. on the other hand, both drivers dont show concern for one another. both of them wanted to run in front of another. therefore, the accident is inevitable. so far, we should let the drivers keep it in their mind that a little slower, a little safer. taking care of others lives means taking care of your own life.


omen are playing an increasingly important part in society today. many women today are playing an important part at works that was thought only could be done by the men before. for an example. some women are not secrtary in the office, instead, they become manager of a company.

ith the changes in their social role, women’s position in the family has been improved as well. in the world today, more and more women have their own job. they get their own salary, and become more independent from their husband. with the economic situation improved, their family position is improving.

n spite of these changes, the liberation of women has not been completely realized. many husbands only want his wife to stay at home, and do house works or do some shopping. they only want their wife to be a housewife, but not a manager of a company.


from the novel, we can see that the students like read(reading) novel, at the same time, only (a) small part of students like read(reading) science and art.

the reason to(for) this is novel is intereting(interesting), students like reading it. most of the students read too much(many) major books when they have classes, so they want to read some(something) interesting (when) they have time. novel can let them relax(relaxed). so they choose novel.

i like read(reading) novel, by reading it i know a lot of things, i also relax my brains. so i choose the novel.


studying the english language in an english-speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn the language. do you agree or disagree with this statement?

learning english in an english speaking country has many advantages. it is, therefore, a good idea to learn english in britain or america. however, i believe it is not the only way to learn the language.

to begin with, most students in non-english-speaking countries learn english in high schools or universities. although their spoken english is not usually of a very high standard, their knowledge of grammar is often quite advanced. this is certainly useful when later they come to an english-speaking country to perfect the language.

however, it is obviously advantageous to learn english in english speaking countries where, every day, students will have ample chance to practise listening and speaking. in addition, students can experience the foreign culture, which greatly helps understand the language. this is especially true if they choose to live with an english or american family. still, since students are taught by native speakers, their reading and writing skills will improve as well.

as every coin has two sides, learning english at home also proves effective. at home students will have less stress and fewer problems in accommodation, expensive tuition and living costs.

in conclusion, it is preferable to study english in an english speaking country, but a reasonable level of english can be achieved at home, if a student is gifted and dedicated to study.


Currently in this constantly changing world, learningbecomes a seemingly convenient but actually more complex matter. Asan old saying goes,”Learning is a daily experience and a lifetimemission”.Apparently, the meaning of this saying is that if we truly desireto learn something, we are supposed to devote our life toit.

There are several reasons accounting for this one thing, learning itself is an actually complicated andpainful matter, and as a result, it is advisablefor us to commit much more time even our whole life to it. Foranother, it is exceedingly obvious that we are easy to forget whatwe learned, and accordingly, the significance of lifetime learningcannot be ignored. For example, memorizing vocabulary is commonlythe first step of preparing for an English test. However, it is pretty difficult for us to put a huge number of newwords in our mind. Therefore, we can divide these words into somegroups and spend some hours each day on it in order to remember andunderstand these words.

To sum up, lifelong learning lays a solid foundation tothe development of ourselves, and only when we realize thesignificance of lifetime learning can we understand theessence of learning.


The shortage of housing is one of the most serious problems facing many big cities in China. Though the government has spent a large sum of money on housing,the investment has not been very resultful and a housing shortage still exists. Two generations sharing one room and newlymarried couples finding it difficult to have a house of their own are still common cases. Housing shortage is a problem that requires an immediate solution.

People's attitudes towards the solution to the housing problem are different. Some suggest building more tall apartment buildings; others believe that we should develop underground housing areas. I am in favour of the former opinion. For one thing, it is cheaper to build upward than downward. For another, living underground for a long time will do harm to people's health. Above all,people are unwilling to live underground with artificial lighting and they prefer to live normally on the ground to enjoy the sunshine.

Although there may be some other ways to solve the housing shortage problem, I believe to build more apartment buildings is one of the feasible solutions to the housing problem.


The Spring Festival in China celebrates the end of winter and the warmth of spring. From the last day of the lunar year, it ends on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar.


During the Spring Festival, people use red lantern and Spring Festival couplets decorate a house, put on all kinds of colored clothes, often visit friends and relatives or together eat dumplings, fish, meat and other delicious food. The children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money, and together they play each other the fireworks, with happy.


During the Spring Festival, there are carnival activities such as dragon and lion dancing in the street. CCTV will hold a grand Spring Festival gala.



As the most evolved creature in thisplanet,wehuman beings are in possession of two kinds of most powerfulcapability, which are listening and talking. Compared with talking,more often than not, the significance of listening is way ahead inour life.

The most typical example of the importance of talking liesin the exchange among family members. When we are accustomed totalking without listening, in the process of which we might onlyfocus on ourselves, feeling of others are ignored and even listening, the essential passport towardsmutual understanding, the relation among our family members may bitby bit go alienated .

Besides , listening can also promote the efficiency ofteamwork and efficiency is of the utmost consequence in such afast-tempo society.

Talking is a window through which we convey ourselves ,while listening is a door via which we understandeach other . A life without mutual listening isjust like a house without adoor. Careful listening , so atleast it seems to me , is a necessity but not a luxury in our dailylife as well asin our work .


There are many reasons for my decision to study for postgraduate programs, one of which is the value of a master’s degree. It ensures me a secure future in a society in which college graduates in mounting numbers failed to be employed.

First, there is a recognition that a candidate with a master’s degree will have an competitive advantage over those with only a bachelor’s degree. Five years ago when college population accounted for only 30 percent of the people of the same age, it was easy for a college graduate to get a good job in any field. But now things are quite different. Second, the higher education you have, the higher salary you will receive. Just look at some big companies which compete against each other to recruit skilled personnel.

Briefly speaking, more knowledge means more opportunities. More years of academic studies will help equip you with more knowledge and skills. Then if conditions change, you can slip with comparative ease from one field into another, avoid the pain of waking up to find yourself out of a job.





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